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Watch Team Horde, led by Sam Didier, and Team Alliance, led by Chris Metzen, battle it out to create the ultimate chopper. In Episode 1, Paul Jr. and the teams embark on their epic quest, and right out of the gates they’re blindsided b...
Published Apr 19, 2014
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Published Apr 19, 2014
It’s time to let your fingers do the dueling—Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has arrived on the Apple® iPad®! Now you can enjoy all of the game’s epic card-slinging and deck-building action on the go on these supported iPad devic...
Published Apr 18, 2014
The question of what would happen if the Unstoppable Force collided with the Immovable Object has weighed on men’s minds for eons. But I have the answer: It doesn’t matter! These things just are because they are. It’s like trying t...
Published Apr 18, 2014
Art Gallery update We've updated our art gallery to feature ten new pieces. New Blizzard Art We've added more pieces to our World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Art gallery. Have a look at assorted pieces of stunning art...
Published Apr 18, 2014

5.4 Sept 10

Brambleberry a posted Aug 22, 13

Valor will not reset.  Valor upgrades stay, but no new valor vendors will appear.  The Timeless Isle has appeared from the mists - get new gear there for yourself and your alts.

5.4 is on the PTR

Brambleberry a posted Jul 20, 13

We have a week or three yet, but start to think about whether to spend or hoard your Valor.

Battlefield Barrens disappears with 5.4.  Use up your quest items and spend your Radical Mojo before then. 

5.3 is here!

Brambleberry a posted May 19, 13
Hide your wife, hide your money, stake your kids out on the street...  Or at least max out your valor for the week.

New content in the Barrens. 
Item upgrades
Heroic Scenarios.

Have fun!

5.2 is Coming...

Brambleberry a posted Mar 1, 13
Are you ready?

Valiant is shifting to Enjin

pache a posted Nov 22, 12
After about 6 years at the Guildomatic website, we've grown increasingly disappointed with the lackadaisical level of service and support they've been providing. With the increasing downtimes and lack of communication from the company, we came to the conclusion that it was only a matter of time before they eventually vanished overnight without a word to their customers.

Enjin appears to offer a solid and actively growing service that should suit our needs - hopefully ;)

So now we're in the gradual process of porting our forums to this new site. Bear with us as we get the wrinkles sorted out and get everything going at this new home.

And if we've got any budding designers - especially budding artists - don't hesitate to raise your hand and join in the fun.

Here's to the next 6 years.

- Pache / Lakhesis
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Captain America 2. Go see it!
the alpha is starting
Word on the street is that beta will probably hit when Wildstar or ESO come out so people don't jump ship so quickly.
Dec 20 ><
y u no log in for alt raids!
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