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New Wow Expac to be unvelied August 6th... [link]
What days do you guys raid?
Sigh so boring without wow :/ but feels like a waste of money to renew good luck tomorrow if you guys are raiding due to it being the 4th
How's the new patch content?
It hadn't tied your toon to your account & given you proper access - fixed now & you should be able to see the discussion. But yes, it is kinda
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Valiant has MOVED

Brambleberry a posted May 16, 15

We have a new home Horde side on Zul'jin.  Come join us!

Thurs Nov 13, 2014

Brambleberry a posted Aug 14, 14

5.4 Sept 10

Brambleberry a posted Aug 22, 13

Valor will not reset.  Valor upgrades stay, but no new valor vendors will appear.  The Timeless Isle has appeared from the mists - get new gear there for yourself and your alts.

5.4 is on the PTR

Brambleberry a posted Jul 20, 13

We have a week or three yet, but start to think about whether to spend or hoard your Valor.

Battlefield Barrens disappears with 5.4.  Use up your quest items and spend your Radical Mojo before then.