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The Lore section of our game guide has been updated with two new entries on the Characters of Warcraft page: Velen and Khadgar! Velen is a staunch defender of the Draenei, and has guided his people in the struggle against the Burning L...
Published Oct 29, 2014
Starting at 12:00 noon PDT on Friday, October 31, the top eight 3v3 Arena teams in the world will kick off the Blizzcon 2014 World of Warcraft Arena Championship at ESL’s studios in Burbank. Watch all the action for free in HD here. ...
Published Oct 29, 2014
This year, we’re expanding our BlizzCon Charity Auction beyond the walls of the Anaheim Convention Center. Beginning November 5 through November 14, we’ll be hosting an online auction of rare art and other unique loot from the Blizza...
Published Oct 29, 2014
Hi again, I’m World of Warcraft senior art director Chris Robinson. In this third installment of this Artcraft series, senior level designer Ely Cannon explains a bit more about the level designer’s role in bringing World of Warcraft...
Published Oct 29, 2014
With Warlords of Draenor just around the corner, we know that many players are taking time to get prepared within the game—but this is also the perfect time to make sure both your account contact information and your shippin...
Published Oct 29, 2014

Thurs Nov 13, 2014

Brambleberry a posted Aug 14, 14

5.4 Sept 10

Brambleberry a posted Aug 22, 13

Valor will not reset.  Valor upgrades stay, but no new valor vendors will appear.  The Timeless Isle has appeared from the mists - get new gear there for yourself and your alts.

5.4 is on the PTR

Brambleberry a posted Jul 20, 13

We have a week or three yet, but start to think about whether to spend or hoard your Valor.

Battlefield Barrens disappears with 5.4.  Use up your quest items and spend your Radical Mojo before then. 

5.3 is here!

Brambleberry a posted May 19, 13
Hide your wife, hide your money, stake your kids out on the street...  Or at least max out your valor for the week.

New content in the Barrens. 
Item upgrades
Heroic Scenarios.

Have fun!

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Heroic (old normal) SoO clear Saturday night 8pm
I will be forming a H-Paragons kill on Sunday - please be there if you can. Then we have the H-Garrosh on Monday. Then Patch 6.0 hits this Tuesday.
Justice and Valor Points will be converted at 47 silver per point
Arena and Rated Battleground Season 15 will be coming to an end in a couple of weeks
Hey guys and gals. I have a alani mount for sale. Super cheap and even cheaper for a guildie. Let me know if interested! :sick:
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